About Air Plains Services, Corp.

Air Plains Services Corp. is a leading supplier of engine upgrades for some of the most popular single engine aircraft made: Cessna 172, 180, and 182. The company is located on the airport KEGT in Wellington, Kansas (25 miles south of Wichita).

Founded in 1977 by Mike Kelley, Air Plains has grown to become the industry leader in engine and airframe upgrades. Air Plains is also called on by some of the biggest names in aviation to offer advice, opinions and expertise.

Employees at Air Plains are dedicated to the production of quality, value, performance and safety. With decades of adaptation and maintenance experience, customers can rest assured that Air Plains products have been built with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Air Plains administrative, sales and parts departments are also devoted to comprehensive customer support and service making every effort to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. View Air Plains Services full website.

Air Plains Joins with Petersen Aviation

Air Plains Services joined with Petersen Aviation Inc., Minden, NE and have agreed to further develop the application of Anti-Detonation Injection System (ADI). 

In the early 90's Petersen Aviation Inc. certified the ADI system on Cessna 188s, 210s, and Barons, which all allowed operation with 91 octane autofuel when the ADI system is installed. Water methanol is not a new technology or invention; as a matter of fact, it was used in aircraft prior to WWII. The water injection was then used to provide an extra boost of power for take-off to prevent engine knocking. The installation of the modernized ADI system, known today as INPULSE, into the general aviation fleet provides the user with a significant amount of fuel flexibility and savings! 

With the rising concern on the elimination of avgas (100LL), the two companies have combined resources to rediscover the answer that general aviation has been waiting for.


Organizations We Support:


Fly Unleaded
A website dedicated to a two fuel solution and increasing MOGAS on our airports. 


Sport Fuel
U-Fuel offers many solutions to make airport fuel facilities available and easy to use.

Petersen Aviation
With over 35,000 autofuel conversions sold worldwide Petersen Aviation is a leader in autofuel STCs.

Aviation Fuel Club
A group with one major goal: to reduce the cost of recreational flying by providing safe, environmentally friendly fuels and facilities.