What type of oil is being used in the water/methanol mixture? 

It is also referred to as soluble oil. It can be purchased directly from Air Plains Services or from companies such as Shell, Conoco, or GulfCut

What additional routine maintenance is required when my aircraft is equipped with Inpulse?

A routine system check. Manifold gaugle callibration every 24 months and regular cleaning of the filters and injectors. 

How does Inpulse work?

Inpulse is an FAA Approved water methanol injection system that gives the pilot independence from 100LL fuel. The system automatically monitors cylinder head temperature (CHT) and manifold pressure (MP) in your engine. The water methanol injection is activated only when the CHT temperature is above 400ºF or the manifold pressure is above 25 inches of mercury.

Is it safe to use Autogas in my airplane/engine?

Autogas use has been extensively compared, tested, and analyzed. Autogas has been shown to be an acceptable alternative to avgas for the airplanes and engines approved for such use. Airplanes and engines approved for autogas use have met the FAA certification requirements for engine detonation, engine cooling, fuel flow, hot fuel testing, fuel system compatibility, vapor lock, and performance. See FAA Letter

How much cost savings will Inpulse provide?

Inpulse can provide cost savings between $15 and $30 dollars per engine per hour, depending on where fuel is purchased. 

Why should I consider installing Inpulse?

Since 100LL fuel has seen a rapid increase in price in the last few years pilots are now challenged with higher operating costs. Running uleaded fuel in your aircraft can provide $7,500 or more in fuel savings in less than 300 hours of flight time. If 100LL AVGAS is not accessible you will add the benefit of having another choice for fuel available.

Where can I find ADI and what is the cost?

Inpulse allows the operator to mix the ADI fluid manually utilizing 60% methanol, 39% water and 1% soluble oil. Also, the ADI fluid can be purchased from authorized distributor pre-mixed and ready for use. Cost of the ADI fluid is approximately $1.70 per gallon. 


Where can I find 91 octane ethanol free Autogas fuel?

Currently a few airports provide 91 octane fuel. Most airports will provide ethanol free fuel. Websites like www.Airnav.com and www.flyunleaded.com provide information on where fuel is available and price. Customers that are able to purchase and store their own fuel can benefit with tremendous cost savings. Click here for a designated page to this matter on our website.

How much water methanol does the system use?

Inpulse runs two injectors that disperse approximately 12.8 fl.oz. (380ml) per minute. A full tank can provide up to 50 minutes of continuous operation in single engine aircraft. If the power is reduced below 25 inches of mercury within one minute after take-off that is 50 take-offs with one tank of water methanol.

How much does the system weigh?

Currently, on the single engine aircraft, the weight of the tank, main pump, backup pump and manifold injectors is 28 pounds. Water Methanol weights on average 7.2 pounds per gallon.
On single engines the tank volume is 5 gallons and multi-engines 11 gallons.

How does Inpulse affect the operator? 

Inpulse is a user-friendly system that is designed for the modern day consumer to be able to use hassle free. Inpulse is a proven system that benefits the end user with significant cost savings.  

The operation of Inpulse is simple. Fuel up using 91-octane, ethanol-free auto fuel. Turn the Inpulse switch to Auto mode and proceed using normal takeoff procedures. Inpulse will only run at maximum for 5 minutes during takeoff, and the system will automatically shut off when no longer needed.

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